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New Planes!

Explore the Lower Atmosphere with the FF-5 Ascender!

Flying Toys

No matter how big or how small, no matter what shape or size, airplanes are airplanes.  They obey the same physical laws and principles from the smallest glider to the biggest airliner.  The only thing that makes an airplane a 'toy' is being made for kids.  (That doesn't stop adults from playing with them too!  Just watch.) 

WhistlePig flying toys are laser cut in the U.S.A. from quality balsa wood, wax based modelling clay and the occasional 1-cent piece.

ALL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.  YOU build them.  YOU make them fly!  (Secret note for Kids ONLY.)  Don't know how to build and fly a plane?  You will!

Included in the price is free air, the same air that a Jetliner uses when you fly to Grandma's house for the holidays.  Guaranteed!

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