WhistlePig Toys

Who or What is a WhistlePig?

A 'whistlepig' is another name for a groundhog or a woodchuck.

The WhistlePigs are an engineer-dad and a kid-kid who like making toys and decided to share them with people. Have a question or need some help? You can reach us at:


We love airplanes, and the most important thing about an airplane is that it flies. All WhistlePig planes are *REAL* airplanes - they all really fly. We think they're fun and (secretly) educational. Building and flying a plane is a great way to learn about reading and following instructions, woodworking, materials science, physics and aerodynamics. Not to mention meterology!

Take a look at our online store for our selection of unique planes. All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA of imported balsa wood. (Balsa may grow on trees, but it grows best near the equator!) We feature planes for the first time builder:

We have catapult launch planes: And scale models: